Ahoy Shipmates!

The children requested the climbing frame last week and this quickly became transformed into a pirate ship. The children created treasure maps, telescopes and made a plan to escape the hungry sharks! The captain of the ship had some naughty pirates and sent them to walk the plank! This had encourage lots of imaginative play. The children were also using their numeracy skills to draw their own maps. Unfortunately we were so busy the camera didn't have a chance to record this fun!

We talked about oral health and going to the dentist, and how important it is to make healthy choices about food and drinks. The children demonstrated a great knowledge and understanding of this. We also had a focus on counting, subsidizing and consolidating of basic 2D shape knowledge.

We have celebrated Valentines Day and talked about being being kind and other emotions. The children have made models using recyclable materials. They demonstrated lots of critical thinking of how and what they wanted to make. This weeks music session involved a bear hunt, number rhymes and playing musical instruments. The children have also been practicing crescendo and diminuendo!

It's half term for us next week so happy holidays..I think everyone is looking forward to a well deserved break!

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