Autumn has arrived in Amberley!

The preschoolers went on an outdoor adventure on The Common. We looked down across the valley at all the different coloured trees, made autumn collections and did some outdoor singing. The children enjoyed the walk in our beautiful surrounding countryside, listening and looking for the signs that Autumn is here. They talked about the colours of the leaves and what was happening to the trees. finding treasures along the way.

We also visited ‘Experience Harvest‘ in the church, learning all about where all our food, clothes and other necessities come from and giving thanks to the people who provide for us and help us to grow. Some children took part in the Sunday service entertaining with their joyful renditions of Harvest songs.

The weather has been a little unpredictable this week but we have had lots of fun watching it “raining leaves”, playing with our friends (some of the four-legged variety) and also using bikes and trikes, magnets and light boxes and doing lots of drawing, writing and snipping.

Next week, we will be talking more about Autumn and harvest time, looking at books and pictures about the changing season and even having fun with some pumpkins!

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