Becoming more independent!

This week we have had a focus on friendships, being kind, independence and fine motor skills. We have been looking at books about how we feel and how we can be kind to our friends. The children have been showing great team work when tidying up after the morning session. They have been selecting their own toys and have been encouraged to help to put on their own wellies and coats.

We have been playing games, Dotty Dinosaurs being the favourite, to encourage turn taking and embedding colour recognition and matching skills.

The children have been painting at the easels, snipping and cutting round shapes, rolling and cutting the playdough and building with large and small scale construction toys. We've seen some great models built from the Duplo and a group of children were off to Ireland on a train which the children had created from the large foam blocks!

The pre schoolers have been choosing their favourite colour and then categorising them and comparing quantities. Blue was the most popular colour.

Some of the children had the opportunity to bring in some of their treasures from home and talk about them. This is a great activity to help build vocabulary, use sentences and help develop concentration. and confidence speaking in front of a larger group.

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