Building, bare feet and bears.

Building up, down and all around, high and low, tall and small, at Amberley Playgroup we’ve tried it all!

The preschoolers worked on the building theme on Wednesday afternoon with some large scale building. I think we have some budding architects. Lots of counting practice with the number puzzles and some finger strengthening activities using the tweezers and Pom poms. Great for developing fine motor skills ready for writing.

We talked about Children in Need and raised money by dressing up in spots or stripes, making our own Pudsey pictures and making a playground for all our mini bears.

The children also took the opportunity to take off shoes and socks and go barefoot in the Park, make a bed in the leaves and immerse themselves in nature.

Next week we will be extending our building knowledge and look at balance, bridges and strengthening and also taking part in Road Safety Week.

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