Caterpillars, Cocoons & Butterflies

Over the last 2 weeks we have seen our caterpillars hang upside down to form chrysalis and then 5 beautiful butterflies emerged from their cocoons. The children loved seeing the changes and this has caused much excitement and discussion amongst each other.

The children have engaged in lots of activities to help with the understanding of the life cycle of butterfly.

The children created some butterfly pictures with their hands and experimented with colour mixing. We have also resurrected the water wall in the park and added some extra pipes and funnels. The children had great fun emptying the water butt and pouring water down the pipes , watching it empty into containers. The children also had the opportunity to use their maths skills in the roleplay shop.

We have been developing our dexterity by pegging dolls clothes and using the weaving wall, threading ribbons, material and tinsel. The children have made models with construction toys of their own interpretation on cocoons and butterflies. Some lovely models were created and great imagination was demonstrated by the children. We have also planted sunflowers and now hoping they will encourage the sun to shine!

The children have painted, read stories, joined in with music and rhyme with Andrea. We played games using the parachute, The children enjoyed using the puppets to perform shows, some children made their own tickets and handed them out to the audience.

Today we let our butterflies out into the world, We had such fun learning about the life cycle of the butterfly and caring for them.

Next week we are going to sow some cress seeds to conclude our growing topic.

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