Caterpillars, Construction and Colours

This week we brought a family of five caterpillars to Playgroup. We are going to watch them grow and the children have been learning about how to look after them. Over the next few weeks we will watch them going through the different stages of their life cycle and see them turn into beautiful Painted Lady butterflies. Some children chose to draw pictures of the caterpillars to take home.

Some of our children are really keen architects and engineers and really enjoy tackling some tricky challenges. This week we looked at pictures of bridges and buildings around the world and the children were inspired to have a go at designing their own with some fantastic results!

We have been talking about colours and patterns and even exploring what happens when we mix colours together in a potion.

We have also been making mini greenhouses to grow beans so that we can watch the changes that happen to plants over time. We had a go at tapping out rhythms and had lots of fun using the climbing frame and slide.

Finally, the children have been busy making cards for their Daddys or grandpas ready for Sunday. We will see everyone next weekend and we are really looking forward to seeing if our caterpillars and beans have grown!

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