Christmas party time

We started off this week with our Christmas party! The children were entertained by a puppet show starring Crunch the crocodile and Fergus the frog. They were being so naughty flinging pants around and throwing cake mixture at Andrea!

The children and staff all enjoyed a delicious cooked lunch finished off with a surprise 'socially distanced' delivery of presents from Father Christmas. These were left on the door step for his helpers to distribute in playgroup. It was a wonderful morning and got us all feeling festive. After lunch we settled down with cushions and blankets and watched stickman on the big screen using the projector.

We have been practising our Christmas show called Bethlehem Baby. The children have been learning lots of new songs, they sound fantastic!

Lots of playing and great excitement from the children this week! These children don't seem bothered by what's going on in the world at the moment, it's all about the fun of Christmas!

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