Fireworks and Fresh air!

We've had a busy first week back after half term and were so happy that the rain stopped. This enabled us to use our play park and go up onto the common for a walk to look for signs of Autumn. We managed to tick off a few things from our check list including berries, bare trees, lots of coloured leaves, fungi and we even spotted some lichen on the trees. No sign of a squirrel though!

We produced some lovely firework pictures using a salad spinner, this was so much fun! We talked about the sounds and colours that fireworks make. The children said some fantastic words.

We made chocolate sparklers with breadsticks and sprinkles, rocket pictures using basic shapes and created our own firework display using the Inter Star construction pieces!

So much playing this week.... busy busy! We used the gym mats to practice our gymnastic skills such as Roly polys, hopping, skipping and walking backwards. Threading, puzzles and creative play with the magnetics added to the fun of the week.

Next week we will be talking about Diwali and Remembrance Day.

See you all next week and have a happy weekend everyone!

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