Fireworks, Festival of Light and taking time to Remember.

Once again a busy week has drawn to a close at Amberley Playgroup, we thought you might like to take a look at some of our learning.

We have touched upon the importance of remembering those who gave their lives for us and paid tribute by making our own poppies and talking about how brave men and woman keep us safe

Children took part in firework themed craft activities and we used this as an opportunity to extend vocabulary and encourage shape and colour recognition. They were very excited to tell us about the displays they had been to and came up with lots of fantastic words to describe what they had seen.

We celebrated Diwali, the Festival of Light on Wednesday. The children learnt about Rama and Sita, looked at pictures of Rangoli Patterns and Diva lamps before engaging in activities to make their own. This encouraged children to ask questions and understand a little of how other cultures celebrate their beliefs. The activities gave children a chance to use different materials and to mark-make using their fine motor skills.

We have also been using Numicon and the marbles to make 'marble' cakes to help us to learn about the numbers 1-10 and encourage careful counting, Our Pre-Schoolers took part in a collaborative Rangoli art project which, as well as looking fantastic, helped us to work together as part of a team, listen carefully, follow instructions and take turns.

Look out next week for some of our woodwork projects and other 'building and construction' related activities after requests from many of our children, and also a bit of fun to support Children in Need.

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