Goodbye to February and a spot of welcome sunshine 🌞

We welcomed our children back after a well deserved break, last term was so busy!

The preschoolers had a lovely afternoon enjoying the spring sunshine. We looked for signs of spring and bugs and made a lovely mud house for the worm. We developed our physical skills rolling tyres and balancing. The girls worked together to move the hot tub (aka a tyre!) so they could sit in it together 😎 as part of their role play! I might add a hot tub to our playgroup wish list. It would fit nicely in the corner of the park!

We also had fun with the hula hoops and learned about moving ‘in’ and ‘out’ by jumping and hopping, practiced balancing on one leg and skipping.

Some of the children had a surprise on the way home this week when a hot air balloon landed in our beautiful village. This prompted lots of chat about how they go up and down and where we would like to go if we could fly “up, up and away in a beautiful balloon”. Hopefully, the sun will return next week and we can continue our investigations into the signs of Spring, We will also be celebrating World Book Day by bringing in our favourite stories to share.

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