Growing BIGGER, smaller, shorter, TALLER.

This week we have been talking about growing, making things bigger and smaller, weighing, planting bean plants and making cress caterpillars.

We visited the Church to experience Bible Story Time and learned about being big and being small, the children joined in with action songs trying to show us how they can be really short or really tall.

We used the microscope to look at aphids, ants and a silk worm and talked about how we can make things look bigger using magnification. The children played a game of 'I Spy' where they used a magnifying glass to find objects on their picture. They listened for the sound that the word begins with and when they found it they ticked it off on a list. They used lots of skills to complete this activity: listening, reading, writing and communication and language.

We started to use some different mathematical vocabulary building on our talks about bigger and smaller and we will carry on with this after the holiday. We have looked at taller, shorter, full and empty, light, heavy and many more. one child wanted to put into practice some of the things he has been exploring this week and made a bridge using loose parts to stretch across the room! We had an ice cream parlor in the sand tray and enjoyed a game using shapes to follow a pattern. This had different levels ranging from very easy to extremely tricky and lots of children tried really hard to follow the picture.

As well as shape, we have talked about colour. The children produced some interesting models of rainbows, robots and rainbow fish. We decided to make our own rainbow and learned about how we can mix colours to make different ones. The finished result will be up on the wall after the break. That's it for now, see you all soon x

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