It's been a busy week!

The children have been using all of their senses to explore the natural materials we have found outside. Conkers, 'old mans beard', leaves, pine cones, beechnuts and hazel nuts. The children have been talking about what they see and how they feel. We've had lots of great descriptive vocabulary.

The home corner has been transformed into a shop this week. The children have been using their imagination and practicing turn taking when pretending to be the shop keeper.

The children have been been counting and linking numbers to quantity. We have been counting plates and cups at the snack table, reciting numbers and singing numbers rhymes with Andrea playing on the piano.

We had a 'dough disco', practiced our writing skills and used the pegs to help develop the muscles in our hands.

We also enjoyed lots of looking at books and reading stories together! Time for a rest now!

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