It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We have started our Christmas celebrations! The tree is up and looks beautiful! The children decorated it themselves and they did a pretty good job! Much excitement about opening the advent calendar. We talked about how everyone could have a turn and how we could do this; some great suggestions from the children like having one calendar each, but we decided to choose 'the take it in turns' method! The Christmas performance is called Bethlehem Baby and is coming together nicely, the children have been singing loudly in the hope that Father Christmas will hear them. The nativity scene has been very popular with the children, this has shown sustained periods of concentration and imaginary play between them.

The children have been painting their own nativity characters and Christmas trees for a festive display. The pre schoolers have been practicing their rhyming skills, beginning to hear the rhyming sounds in words. The children love the climbing frame so it has been out again this week, a good piece of equipment to help with coordination, confidence and managing risks.

The sequins and glitter are out! The children have been busy writing letters, list and cards in the mark making area.

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