Learning the fun way!

We were so sorry not be open on Monday due to the snow and ice but hope you all had fun playing in the snow. We continued our shape learning this week which led to some fantastic pictures produced by some of the children. Some of the shape related learning activities included making shapes using our bodies. This was great to watch and hear them talk through their ideas on how they can do this. The preschool children worked in pairs when they went shape hunting, looking for shapes in the environment. The children spotted semi circles on the big gates, traffic cones, rectangles formed the railings and bricks on the church, and a square drain cover was spotted too!

The Children learnt about the life cycle of a butterfly through music and using props to support this. Lots of songs to reinforce counting such as 5 currant buns, 10 green bottles, 5 little men in a flying saucer, 10 in the bed and many more!

We introduced a new circle game to our new starters called Mr honey bear. This helps the children to develop their listening skills, follow an instructions and turn taking.

Plenty of other toys and other learning opportunities were enjoyed by all.

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