Measuring, Magnifying and Microscopes...

This week, one of the children brought in a catalogue and sat down with some friends to find things that they found interesting. They found a page with magnifying glasses, a telescope, binoculars and a microscope on it. We have a microscope so we took the opportunity to show the children how it works. They were fascinated and proceeded to use the microscope carefully and independently and this progressed into using magnifying glasses to look at a book about insects in the garden.

We also used scales for balancing and working out what was lighter or heavier. We used bears and 'boats' (made out of laundry caps), looked at how many bears could go in a boat before it sank and then some children had a go at recording numbers on whiteboards.

We started to plant up the tubs in the garden and talked about what we needed to make them grow. Some children had a go at chopping fruit and veg and shelling peas which one of the parents had brought in, yummy!

Next week we will be continuing with looking at differences and similarities in the natural world and using the microscope again. We will be looking at growing plants and have some exciting things lined up so see you next week!

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