Nippy Numbers!

This week at playgroup we continued our focus on numbers to help with embedding and consolidate our learning, particularly the preschoolers. We played lots of multi sensory games (to help keep the children focused and interested). These involved clapping and jumping to the chosen number. We took it in turns to be pirates and looked for numbers that had been hidden around playgroup to put in our treasure chest. We also practiced our cutting skills by cutting out numbered penguins and putting them in order. Next week we are thinking about shape, space and measure including positional language.

We had the climbing frame out as requested by the children. This is a great piece of equipment to help with moving and thinking about managing small risks. The children also use the climbing frame to aid their imaginary play and turn taking. The children have also been practicing their fine motor skills by using the tongs and pincers to pick up pom -poms, using the hammer and nails and painting some great pictures.

The children noticed cobwebs in the park last week when it was frosty, this inspired the children to create their own interpretation of cob webs. Some cut paper snowflakes and some children drizzled glue onto black paper and sprinkled glitter - they look smashing!

Next week our focus is on shape, space and measure. Happy weekend everybody and stay safe.

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