Red Nose day 2021

This morning some of the children came dressed wearing red and we learned about a girl called Elida and where she lives and how she uses a wheelchair to get around. We talked about raising money for other children who need help just like Elida. The children decorated biscuits and have been singing silly songs.

Earlier in the week the pre school children went on a walk looking for signs of springs. We spotted blossom, wild garlic, primroses, daffodils and even a few sheep.

We have also been observing our peas growing, these will soon be ready to plant outside.

The children have been practicing their writing skills focusing on holding a pencil comfortably and using it with some control. We have been working on our fine motor development by rolling and snipping the playdough, pegging and using tongs and tweezers to pick up pompoms.

Some children have been exploring different word sounds, in particular rhyming words and matching words that sound the same. Our number wall has also proved popular with children independently having a go at putting the '10 green bottles' in the correct number order.

Next week we will start some Easter activities and plant out some of our pea's in the planters at the park. Have a fun weekend

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