Sparkles, Colours and celebrating Diwali and Bonfire night.

We had such a busy first week back talking to the children about the fun times they had during half term. We had lots of discussions on Halloween, dressing up and sweets!

Since we've been back we have been learning about Diwali and the traditions involved with the celebrations. The children watched a short video about the festival of light, made Rangoli patterns using coloured sand and using flowers and leaves on large scale to make their own Rangoli patterns. This gave lots of opportunities to explore colours and use their fine motor skills.

The children took part in firework themed crafts and talked about being safe around bonfires and fireworks. We used this opportunity to extend the children's vocabulary, they used some great expressive words to describe the sights they had seen and the sounds they had heard on bonfire night. They have been making rockets from different shapes and we are going to use the salad spinner to make firework pictures.

At the end of this week we are going to talk about Remembrance Day and make poppies to commemorate this special time.

The children have been using their imagination in the play park. A few were having camp fires and toasting marshmallows, the water wall was in action and there was lots of sweeping and raking up the leaves from out of the house. All in all a jam packed and action filled week! Next week we will talk more about remembrance commemorations and on Thursday 18th Nov we will be enjoying a disco-tastic morning to raise funds for children in need. The staff are already busy planning their outifts!

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