Spring has sprung and pies have been flung!

This week we have been looking at life cycles particularly for birds and frogs. We built nests, sequenced what happens to a nest and had fun with a 'pond' in the tuff tray talking about frog spawn, tadpoles, froglets and frogs. We made bird feeders using empty loo rolls, peanut butter and seeds and practiced some maths skills by counting eggs and comparing quantities and using the measuring worms, squared paper and even rulers!

We also raised money for Comic Relief by wearing red clothes or a red nose, we baked red nose cakes and also the children got to fling a pie at the teachers! We discussed the story of Lawand, a Syrian refugee and the journey he had to make to get to safety. The children talked about how they thought we could raise money to donate to children who need help.

Next week, we will continue looking at the signs of Spring and talking about farming.

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