Summer has arrived!

We have been very busy these last 2 weeks during the sunshine in our play park. Our last term is jam packed full of with lots of end of term activities. The children are practising new songs for the end of term show called A holiday in the Highlands. The pre school children have been preparing for school by doing lots of activities including changing for P.E. it's quite tricky getting changed in a small amount of time!

We have been investigating floating and sinking. The children chose objects and discussed which they thought would float or sink. We also had a go at making the boats sink. The children had some great ideas, a few suggestions we had were filling them with water or putting pebbles in them.

The children have been practising to write their own name and writing numbers when helping with taking the register during circle time.

Some of the preschool children played 'I spy' this is a great game to help with hearing the initial letter sounds, all preparation for reading.

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