Warty Goblins, Nobbly Bottoms, Patty Pans, oh and Pumpkins!

A parent brought these fantastic pumpkins and squash for us to look at and the children loved hearing all the funny names which we looked up on the internet.

The ’warty goblin’, the ‘patty pie’ and the ‘turban’ were particular favourites. The children enjoyed comparing weights and sizes and looking at all the patterns, colours and textures .

Other activities included setting up a sensory tuff tray with a selection of gourds, beans and lentils for the children to explore. We also gave them larger ones to practice their fine motor skills by hammering pins and shapes into the pumpkins.

The preschoolers have been learning about rhymes. We played some fun games matching rhyming objects from the feely bag. I have included some ideas if you would like to try them at home.

That’s it for this week, now for a break for the end of Term 1. We will be back on Monday 29th October. 😊

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