Welcome back!

We have had a very busy week after a relaxing week off. Children have brought in lots of eco bricks and just look at how brilliantly our young eco explorers are doing! They have been making eco bricks to save all the ‘floppy plastic’ ending up in landfill. Our fantastic eco champion Andrea is going to work with the children to build a table for Playgroup. Keep bringing those bottles in and help us to make a difference to our environment. Watch this space for future updates.

As we start the last term at Playgroup, the preschool children have been busy doing lots of activities preparing for school. We played a guessing game with Numicon, combined numbers together and wrote our names. We also practiced programming our Beebot which helps us understand positional and directional language, a good introduction to coding and ICT.

We took the opportunity to use our water butt to provide water for our plants in the garden. This is encouraging links with home as many children are growing things themselves and know what they need to do to grow strong, healthy plants.

Next week we are going to be making 'greenhouses' for beans and we are also anticipating the arrival of a butterfly garden!

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