Woodwork and Dens

The children started the week off using their imagination and developing their fine motor skills by creating models with wood. We talked about being careful and how to use the tools safely.

We continued our focus on shapes. The children used the light table to create pictures with basic 2D shapes and played a shape game to encourage recognition.

The children have enjoyed the new tent which has encouraged lots of other 'dens' to be made around the playgroup.

During our music session we used the parachute which helped to develop our gross motor skills and following instructions. The children have been practicing their cutting skills both with scissors and using a knife to cut up their fruit.

This week we are exploring lots of sensory materials to encourage language development when describing the different textures,.We've had a request for the climbing frame and to make more dens! It sounds like its going to be a very busy week! Happy Monday everyone!

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