Happy New Year!

We are all happy and excited to be back at playgroup. The teachers and children have had a good rest and are raring to go this term. We have welcomed some new children this term, all have been super and settled in well to the playgroup family.

We talked about the weather and how it has been snowy and frosty which prompted us to make ice. The children helped to fill containers with water ready to go in the freezer. This involved lots of careful pouring and scooping (which helps with our physical development). The children had some good ideas on how they could melt the ice. This involved moving it closer to the radiator, holding it and putting it in the sun. (We didn't quite manage to find the sun!) Anyway, the children used lots of lovely language and demonstrated great understanding of why and how water turns to ice and melts again. The children all seemed to enjoy this activity.

We found some ice and frost in the park and signs of our bulbs growing - very exciting!

We also had a focus on numbers this week; we played games and encouraged lots of counting and mathematical language. The children matched numbers with quantities, counted 1:1 and the pre schoolers had a go at writing numbers.

We are all exhausted now..but looking forward to what fun next week brings us!

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