Looking, listening and learning.

This week, the preschoolers have been listening to sounds. We started by closing our eyes and listening to what we could hear. Great concentration! We then had an ‘initial sound’ treasure hunt. Some very creative treasure hunters with ‘mud’, ‘tyre’, ‘wheel’ and ‘flowers’. I wasn’t keen on the worm, thank goodness there aren’t any snakes in the park 😆Everyone got a sticker for finding their treasure and saying the sound it began with.

We have continued looking at life cycles for frogs 🐸 and also chickens 🐣. The children have had so much fun outside in the beautiful Spring weather exploring their surroundings and testing out the powers of listening and observing.

Next week we will be looking at some Easter traditions, having an Egg Hunt and finishing the term with our wonderful show, which showcases all our little ones singing and dancing to some of their favourite tunes accompanied by Andrea our musical maestro!

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