Pets, Portraits and Fungus!

The children brought in photographs and produced some wonderful paintings and drawings about their pets

This week we learnt more about each other and life at home, by talking about our pets. We talked about what we need for our pets and the children have us great answers including “food and drink”, “ a warm bed”, “walks” and “a crown”!!!! Also one child correctly told me that when a pet is poorly “it goes to the vet”. What caring children we have.

Also, some lovely family portraits were added to the gallery.

We carried on learning all about our children, both the new ones and those returning to Amberley, and the children did some fantastic self portraits.

We also had fun ‘under the sea’ using torches and magnifiers.

The children love learning around our light panel where we looked at colours, numbers and shapes.

Monty Moo had a fun week with one of our new children and went to a christening!

Outside we found an enormous fungus and talked about why we mustn’t touch it “because it could be poisonous” Very knowledgeable!

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