'Shape, rattle and roll!'

This week then children have been reinforcing their knowledge and understanding of basic 2D shapes. We have enjoyed lots of games and activities based on shapes. The preschoolers played guess the shape just using touch; the children then grouped the shapes according to their properties. We then we had a go at drawing shapes. It was fantastic to see the children's drawings and they were really inspired to be creative. We also played with the Magformers. This is a great toys to build 3D shapes with, which has extended their learning and encouraged the children to asks questions about the 3D shapes they have built. The children played with coloured gloop (cornflour and water) and had a go at cutting round a chosen shapes. Both these activities are great for strengthening the muscles in the fingers.

The magic bag came out this week during music time. The children love the anticipation of what's in the Magic bag! Monday's Magic bag had Police officers hats, a spiders web and fishing rods hiding in it.. All of these songs help to reinforce our counting skills, following a beat and simple instructions. We had a mini obstacle course to help with gross motor movement, balancing skills and turn taking.

Playdough, puzzles, painting, story reading, imaginative play, ball catching, hoop rolling, Lego building, farmyard fun, car racing and playing board games were also on this weeks menu of fun! Phew!...might need a little lie down now!!

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