Silly Soup and signs of Spring

We have been looking at signs of Spring that we might find down on the farm, matching baby animals with their mothers and completing farm scene puzzles by searching for numbers and putting them in order-a very tricky skill. We played a game where we rolled a dice and then found the number of animals to put in their field, some children could even find the piece of Numicon to match!

The pre-schoolers looked at initial sounds by making some very 'Silly Soup'. The teachers were very pleased they didn't have to eat it!

One of our children was lucky enough to go and see the 5* Severn Bore this week and came back and told us all about it, we showed the children a video so they could all see what it was like and watch the surfers riding down the river. We listened to the sounds of the wave as it rushed along.

We had fun playing with shapes, recording the shapes we could find, drawing around them or drawing pictures. using magnets. Some children stuck them onto the metal posts with great skill. The children made up a fun game using the chairs turning them into a bridge and even a sun lounger!

Next week, we will be starting to look at how we celebrate Easter and Mother's Day.

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